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Here is a list of your testimonials

Dear Zumba® Party with Natalia!

I wasn't sure about Zumba®  as a guy but decided to support my wife  and go with her to Natalia's Zumba®  class. Natalia has turned me into a Zumba®  fan. I look forward of going every week and even told my friends about how great class is with her. So fun and I've lost 15 lbs since joining. Natalia's got a zest for Zumba® .

Jack, W

Columbus, Oh


Dear, Natalia

My kids love Natalia! They are exited when she walks in the door of our day care where she teaches Zumba® Kids Jr class. I love how they're exercising and learning creative movement through music and dancing.


Meghan, T

Westerville, Oh

Dear, Natalia

I've been taking Zumba® classes since Fall of 2011. I found out about Zumba® from TV commercials and went to Natalia's class. I went to Natalia's class and immediately fell in love with it. Her Zumba® classes are really cool and fun. Natalia is super friendly. She is passionate and she is my inspiration to work out every day. Now I take two of her classes at Fred Astaire Dance Studio and I have my two kids take her Zumbini® classes. They too are falling in love with Natalia and her teaching techniques.

Ana, N

Westerville, Oh